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Mrs Compton (print pattern)

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22 inch Garden Circle Lady 

Mrs Compton, the Mayor’s wife, is one of the founding members of the GARDEN CIRCLE. She lives in a sizable heritage house in the centre of town. Mrs Compton takes her position as Mayor’s wife very seriously, always beautifully dressed with immaculate hair and make-up. Her passion is flower arranging, which she does for the church, civic receptions and weddings. She is often described as ‘haughty’ by those who don’t know her personally, but the Garden Circle describe her as ‘hard-working’ and a bit of a ‘hoot’, especially after a gin or two.

This is a gorgeous and fun cloth soft sculptured doll. She has needle-sculpted face , and thread jointed arms with movable wrists, elbows, and knees. She can be posed in a variety of poses (and will not stand without a stand). She has painted shoes

She is wearing a dress and little matching cropped jacket.. Her hair is wool roving/sliver coiled into a bun. (Her clothes are sewn onto the body and cannot be removed.) Her hat is handmade from felt, and so is her handbag, (instructions included).


RP127 - Mrs Compton (print pattern)

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