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Cherry (print pattern)

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22 inch doll


At the local pub there works a gorgeous barmaid – Cherry.  She lives above the pub in a small bed-sit.  Originally she lived in a big city, and no one is quite sure why she moved to this small town…she remains ‘tight-lipped’ about it.  She is known for her discretion – as everyone knows a barmaid knows everyone’s story!  She is also well-known for her delightful sense of humour and her delight in dressing according to the current time of year, Valentine’s Day, St Paddy’s Day, Christmas…. Her admirers are many, and more than a few of the local men sent her Valentine’s cards this year!

Price:NZ$10.00 (with NZ$5.00 off (33%) - Normally NZ$15.00)

cherry 2

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